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Terms and conditions

Approval of General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will apply for the use of and all transactions made through

For registration or shopping Customers declare that they have read and accept this GTC and also Privacy Policy published on this website by ticking the relevant check box of the application form. Subject to Customer’s acceptance of GTC, the contract between the Webshop (Főnix Motorsport Kft. / Phoenix Equestrian Female Clothing, henceforth PEFC) and the Customer becomes operative. If Customers do not accept GTC and Privacy Policy, they can not resort to the services of the Webshop.

These terms and conditions may be changed without prior notifications. Changes will be effective from the date they are published on our website, and shall not affect the orders already confirmed by us.

All transactions made through our website will be subject to Hungarian law and EU regulations. We are fully compliant with the regulations of the European Union.

Service Provider`s data

  • Service provider: Főnix Motorsport Ltd.
  • Service provider`s seat (and point of management of complaints): 5 Béla király street, Fót, H-2151
  • Service provider`s contact details, regular e-mail address, serving for maintaining contact with users:
  • Company registration number: 13-09-147517
  • Tax number: 23373761-2-13
  • Registry licensing authority: Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága
  • Phone: +36 20 828 5845

The contract is written in Hungarian/English/German.

Web hosting provider`s data

  • Name: Rufftech Ltd.
  • Established: 84 Munkácsy Mihály street, Komló, H-7300
  • Office: 2/b Orlay street, Budapest, H-1114
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +36 1 321 7361

Products and prices

The prices listed next to the products concerned for one piece of item and in HUF/EUR/USD currency. This price include the VAT but not contain the shipping costs. Prices are to be purpoted in the listed currency (HUF/USD/EUR) and are to be applied for one piece of the product next to them. Prices comprise VAT but do not include shipping costs. Addittional packiging cost will not be charged. If you are a reseller or a company with valid EU VAT number, please contact us before making your order. The stock information on our website is indicative.

PEFC reserves the right to make price changes.

PEFC acts with due diligence when listing prices, however, any technical, data recording, system or typographic errors may occur. PEFC is not responsible for any obvious content error or erroneously stated incorrect price.

Product webpage images are displayed as illustrations, they may differ from reality.


By ordering online from PEFC, Customers declare that they accept GTC and are aware of order process. Customers can cancel their mistaken order (for properly substantiated reasons) without any further consequences at prior to the shipping of the parcel.

Customers are obliged to provide their real personal’s datas during purchase/registration, otherwise the resulting electronic contract is null and void. PEFC excludes liability of any use of the services taken on behalf of another customer or with invalid datas. PEFC is not liable for delays tracing back to erroneously given data, forgotten passwords or other mistakes.

In case the order can not be fulfilled the way the customer requested, PEFC can cancel it without consequences.

Customer is required to check the package piece by piece at the time of take over and in case of complete delivery they are obliged to sign the receipt. After the signing PEFC does not accept any complaints about deficiencies.


Delivery period

In case of ordering products on stock:

  • Orders from Hungary: 5-7 business days
  • Orders from Europe: 7-14 business days
  • Orders from US and Canada: 10-16 business days

In any other case, PEFC informs the Customer about the deadline of delivery.

Shipping methods and costs

For individual customers, based in Hungary:

  • Courier service GLS – credit card payment or bank transfer: gross 1.300 HUF
  • Courier service GLS – cash on delivery: gross 1.800 HUF
  • GLS pickup point – credit card payment or bank transfer: gross 950 HUF
  • GLS pickup point – cash on delivery: gross 1.300 HUF
  • Purchases exceeding the gross amount of 60.000 HUF the shipping is free of charge

For individual foreign customers, with credit card payment or bank transfer:

  • Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: gross 4.560 HUF (~€15)
  • France, Italy, United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland: gross 7.600 HUF (~€25)
  • Spain and Sweden: gross 9.120 HUF (~€30)
  • US and Canada – up to 5 kgs: gross 22.080 HUF (~$80)
  • US and Canada – up to 10 kgs: gross 30.360 HUF (~$110)
  • US and Canada – over 10 kgs: individual offer
  • Any additional fees (e.g. customs duty) besides shipping cost have to be paid by the Customer.

Wholesale and retailers:

  • In accordance with cooperation agreement.


Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer – confirmation e-mail of the order contains the information required for the transfer. After receiving the complete payment, the shipping procedure starts within 2 workdays.
  • Cash on delivery – possibly only for shipping within Hungary. The total amount has to be paid by the customer at the take over of the package (by credit card or cash – GLS).
  • Credit card payment – the safest, cheapest and quickest way to pay for the products is by credit or debit card through PEFC`s website. The online payment is made through the K&H Bank website, where Customer`s card data will be handled and secured by K&H Bank, and will not be shared with PEFC. If Customer choose the payment by card option, they can range the shopping by the usual way. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB type cards. Some type of cards can be used only with the acceptance of the bank of the card holder. In case of successful payment Customer will receive a transaction number, which should be noticed. In case of unsuccessful transaction K&H Bank will send a notice to the Customer about the reason of the failure.


All products in the webstore feature a 12 months unlimited warranty except for smaller and cheaper items that are subject to 6 months warranty. Our products are also subject to a 2 year limited warranty that is independent from the above unlimited warranty and is based on the Hungarian Civil Code. Customer can enforce warranty claims within 2 (ie two) years, not individual costumer within 1 (ie one) year. In case of warranty claim Customer may request: a) primarily repair or replacement, unless the warranty claim is impossible to arrange or if it would cause disproportionate additional costs for PEFC in comparison to other warranty claims, considering the represented value of the product in its perfect condition, the gravity of the breach of contract and the inconvenience caused to the claimant by fulfilling the warranty right; b) an appropriate price reduction or receded from the contract, if Customer does not have the right for repair or replacement or if PEFC does not agree to repair or replacement or is unable to comply with this obligation. Cancellation due to a minor defect is not feasible. In case of problems resulting from incorrect use, warranty claim can not be enforced. A warranty claim can be enforced for discounted items as well, in such cases quality objection can be made if PEFC has not indicated the reason for devaluation.

In case of both warranty options, Customer must contact PEFC immediately after noticing the defect. PEFC take all complaints very seriously and will contact Customer and arrange exchange of Customer`s defective product.


PEFC is selling premium products and value all customers. Should Customer have any complaints, PEFC will take it very seriously and will do our best to solve the issue. Customer may submit your complaint on e-mail or in postal letter.

We will answer your complaints as soon as possible, but within a maximum of 30 days allowed by law. All complaints will be assigned with an individual reference number.

Should your complaint be refused by us, for any reason, we will do so in writing, and will always inform you about your legal possibilities. We are obliged to keep records of your complaint for 5 years.

You may always turn to the competent consumer arbitration board called „Budapesti Békéltető Testület” on their address at Krisztina krt. 99., Budapest, Hungary, H-1016. or the online dispute resolution system maintained by the European Committee at

Cancellation and refund policy

All products in the Phoenix Equestrian Female Clothing webshop are subject to a 14 day unconditional cancellation policy. In harmony with EU regulations (especially, EU Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights) you are entitled to revoke (cancel) Customer`s order within 14 days from when the products have been shipped to the Customer. Customer’s cancellation right is unconditional and Customer is not required to tell PEFC the reason why Customer changed his mind, however PEFC will welcome any feedback Customer give to PEFC.

Cancellations must be made in writing to PEFC postal address or by e-mail, within 15 days from the delivery of the product. Customer’s package will contain a cancellation form that Customer may but is not obligated to use if cancelling his order.

The product must be sent back to PEFC within 14 days from sending the cancellation to PEFC. The costs of sending back to products must be prepaid by Customer and it must be a trackable shipment. PEFC will not accept cash on delivery shipments and will not refund to Customer until the product is sent back to PEFC or Customer can provide credible evidence that Customer has handed over the product to the shipping company. PEFC also recommend to keep the original packaging of Customer`s product as shipping back to product without proper packaging may damage the product that will result in a reduction of the refundable amount.

PEFC will refund your money within 14 days from the cancellation but not sooner than the product is shipped back to PEFC. Normally PEFC will refund Customer with the full purchase price Custoer paid for the product and the regular shipment costs, if any, that Customer paid for the delivery of Customer`s order. PEFC will not refund the costs of shipping the product back to PEFC and any extra delivery costs, such as express delivery, if any. Upon delivery PEFC will examine the product. If there is any damage on the product other than expectable normal wear-and-tear, PEFC will make a deduction from the refunded amount.

If Customer has any question regarding the cancellation policy, PEFC suggests to contact the customer service at any of the availabilities detailed on the GTS`s first page.


All information, pictures, videos, texts, design and even this terms and conditions are subject to copyright and exclusively owned by PEFC. Customer is not allowed to copy, use, modify any of these information for any other purpose than making a purchase in the webstore or finding information about the products. Customer is strictly prohibited to resell, make available for download, copy to any webpage, etc. any of the information on PEFC`s website.