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Shopping guide


In our webshop, shopping is possible only after registration. The customer can start the registration process by clicking the button „Registration”. You have to give your e-mail address – which will be your user name – and a password. Please inform us about your delivery address and invoice details, your full name, phone number (optional), date of birth (optional). If the registration process was successful, you will receive an e-mail from PEFC. You activate your account by clicking on the link in the e-mail. Then you can enter the webshop with your user name and password by clicking the button „Sign in”.

You can also enter through social networking sites (Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedln).

You have to declare that the given data at the registration process are true and actual. If there is a change, you can modify your data anytime. 

Search for products

With the help of the search and filter function of the webshop, you can find the requested item. If you click on the name or the photo of the product, you can check the detailed information of it. Regarding inventory accessibility, our website updates the data of the inventory continuously so it shows the current storage status of the product. However, the time demand of processing orders may result that certain products are sold out while your purchase is in progress. In this case PEFC will inform the customer about it within 48 hours of business days by e-mail. 

Special offers

You can find individual and sale priced items in our webshop marked with a red percent-mark or with the exact number of percentage – by showing the actual price and the original strikethrough. 

Add to cart

If you select the product you`d like to buy (size, quantity, color), you can click on the blue button „Add to cart” – and the product will be listed at the selected items basket. The content of the basket may be changed any time before finalizing the order.

Finalizing the order

Before finalizing the order you will find a detailed summary on your list. Here you can review all data (all ordered products, deducted allowances, delivery form and fee, subtotal and total amounts, delivery and invoicing address). If it is necessary to correct any data, you can step back in the order process by clicking the „Back” button on the left at the bottom of the page and make the correction there. If all the data are correct, and the order is complete, you can forward your order to us by clicking the button „Send order”.

Payment and delivery

PEFC will send a confirmation e-mail when the order procedure is completed, within 48 hours of business days. It contains the list of the requested items, the order number and the necessary information about the payment and delivery. You can find the detailed costs for each country and also the conditions of free delivery at the GTC. Our system checks and manages these conditions automatically, and informs the customer about them. The courier company will send an informational e-mail with the tracking number of the package and the expected time of arrival to the customer.