Free shipping on orders over €197.37

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does shipping cost?

    For individual customers, based in Hungary:

    • Courier service GLS – credit card payment or bank transfer: gross 1.300 HUF
    • Courier service GLS – cash on delivery: gross 1.800 HUF
    • GLS pickup point – credit card payment or bank transfer: gross 950 HUF
    • GLS pickup point – cash on delivery: gross 1.300 HUF
    • Purchases exceeding the gross amount of 60.000 HUF the shipping is free of charge

    For individual foreign customers, with credit card payment or bank transfer:

    • Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: gross 4.560 HUF (~€15)
    • France, Italy, United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland: gross 7.600 HUF (~€25)
    • Spain and Sweden: gross 9.120 HUF (~€30)
    • US and Canada – up to 5 kgs: gross 22.080 HUF (~$80)
    • US and Canada – up to 10 kgs: gross 30.360 HUF (~$110)
    • US and Canada – over 10 kgs: individual offer
    • Any additional fees (e.g. customs duty) besides shipping cost have to be paid by the Customer.

    Wholesale and retailers:

    • In accordance with cooperation agreement.

  • How can I pay?

    • Bank transfer – confirmation e-mail of the order contains the information required for the transfer. After receiving the complete payment, the shipping procedure starts within 2 workdays.
    • Cash on delivery – possibly only for shipping within Hungary. The total amount has to be paid by the customer at the take over of the package (by credit card or cash – GLS).
    • Credit card payment – the safest, cheapest and quickest way to pay for the products is by credit or debit card through PEFC`s website. The online payment is made through the K&H Bank website, where Customer`s card data will be handled and secured by K&H Bank, and will not be shared with PEFC. If Customer choose the payment by card option, they can range the shopping by the usual way. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB type cards. Some type of cards can be used only with the acceptance of the bank of the card holder. In case of successful payment Customer will receive a transaction number, which should be noticed. In case of unsuccessful transaction K&H Bank will send a notice to the Customer about the reason of the failure.

  • When will my parcel arrive?

    Our courier partner is GLS. The courier company will send an informational e-mail with the tracking number of the package and the expected time of arrival to the Customer. By entering the first 11 number of the tracking number, the parcel can be followed anytime in this link.

  • Can I change my order?

    Customers can cancel or modify their mistaken order (for properly substantiated reasons) without any further consequences at prior to the shipping of the parcel.

  • Guarantee and warranty

    All products in the webstore feature a 12 months unlimited warranty except for smaller and cheaper items that are subject to 6 months warranty. Our products are also subject to a 2 year limited warranty that is independent from the above unlimited warranty and is based on the Hungarian Civil Code. Customer can enforce warranty claims within 2 (ie two) years, not individual costumer within 1 (ie one) year. In case of warranty claim Customer may request: a) primarily repair or replacement, unless the warranty claim is impossible to arrange or if it would cause disproportionate additional costs for PEFC in comparison to other warranty claims, considering the represented value of the product in its perfect condition, the gravity of the breach of contract and the inconvenience caused to the claimant by fulfilling the warranty right; b) an appropriate price reduction or receded from the contract, if Customer does not have the right for repair or replacement or if PEFC does not agree to repair or replacement or is unable to comply with this obligation. Cancellation due to a minor defect is not feasible. In case of problems resulting from incorrect use, warranty claim can not be enforced. A warranty claim can be enforced for discounted items as well, in such cases quality objection can be made if PEFC has not indicated the reason for devaluation.

    In case of both warranty options, Customer must contact PEFC immediately after noticing the defect. PEFC take all complaints very seriously and will contact Customer and arrange exchange of Customer`s defective product.