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About us

Phoenix Equestrian Female Clothing is a genuine family and friends business.

After a few decades of cooperation a new brand was born – as our own child. Our designer embraces the new challenge with a background of more than 40 years of experience in designing women's clothing. Our brand manager has brought a lifelong passion for horses into the project – moreover her own horse has inspired the shape of "Phoenix" horse. "I became tired of finding riding outfits that only fitted models or if they did actually fit me I didn’t really feel comfortable wearing. Last January, after a  discussion at Christmas the previous year, the first pieces of the collection have already been designed, and here we are."

The members of our target group are all women and girls who like to dress nicely, but also appreciate comfort and quality.

Our clothing products are made of European quality clothing materials and also crafted in Europe. All of them are hand-made and decorated. Our colors specifically determine and identify our collection, any given piece can freely be matched with another as the colors harmonize perfectly with each other.

Our riding breeches are made of a special bistretch material that provides unique comfort while riding. Their special silicone pattern provides a sticky surface. Our versatile t-shirts and vests serve as excellent street wear, we took extra care to focus on the riders’ needs and demands during design.

Moreover, every horse loving person can find something they like among the accessories!

Our ambition is your satisfaction - we offer unique products of high quality. We appreciate your trust, and we hope that you will find at least as much joy and pleasure in our products as we had while designing them.

Phoenix Equestrian Female Clothing – Ride in Style